Beautiful Custom Built Homes in Springboro

Clearcreek Custom Builders is your one-stop company for your custom built home. We will guide you through every last detail of building your custom home - from the initial idea right down to the finishing touches. Bringing your ideas to life is our passion and we have over 15 years of experience in the industry. 

Custom home building

Many people are happy buying a home with a generic layout. However, some people need something different. Maybe you are a chef who has visions of his perfect kitchen layout or a musician who dreams of having a dedicated studio room. Whatever your objective is, we can make it a reality. 


Ready to transform the home you already love into the home you’ve been dreaming of? We can remodel your existing home in order to transform it into your ideal property! Again, we will help guide you through every step in the process by using our expert knowledge and streamlined workflow. 

Custom woodwork

Sometimes, a small change to your home can make a huge difference. Here at Clearcreek Custom Builders, we are experts in custom woodwork. We will work closely with you to produce woodwork with the perfect balance of beauty and function. 
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